Our Approach

Good design is far more than just looking good. We maintain that in order to create lasting, positive change, we must tap into the wisdom inherent in people’s everyday experiences. We take pride in creating solid foundations—processes, systems, tools, and relationships—that transform this wisdom into innovative solutions that move initiatives forward.


Human-centered design prioritizes understanding how the project affects people. This involves learning from stakeholders, staff, customers, and communities who actually use the product. We also seek to understand your place within your community and your relationships with current and future audiences. These discoveries shape project goals and inform a process that’s both creative and scientific: observation, ideation, prototyping, and testing to realize the most appropriate solutions. The practice of human-centered design is also described as user-centered, collaborative, customer-centered, customer co-innovation, and empathetic design.

Participatory design, or co-creation, means actively engaging people in the design and decision-making processes. We’ve developed activities and workshops to draw out the creativity and wisdom of each participant. A project has the best chance of success when the people impacted are involved in design and decision-making.

Future Friendly

Your business or organization will grow and change over time, and we believe our products should have long-term value for you. So we meet you where you are at. We are not tied to any specific software, rather we help you decide which technology is best for you--and leave room for growth. We also train and educate you and your staff to manage the technology once the design process is complete. We want our solutions to build your capacity and position you for success.

Process Matters

It might be obvious by now, but process matters to us just as much as products do. We start by listening. We ask questions. We plan. We synthesize, adapt, reflect, and test. We document. We customize. We improve. All so that we are able to deliver customized, quality solutions that are both easy to use and high impact.