Project Manager Wanted (Detroit)

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We’re a small and mighty communication design and development studio. We craft innovative solutions and tools for exciting, world-changing projects. Whether we’re designing a community development toolkit or building content for a high profile organizational website, our work has significant social impact. We collaborate with unique cultural partners, businesses, and organizations locally and nationally.

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Why we’re hiring

We’ve got a good thing going and people are excited to hire us. In order to expand our capacity, we’re bringing on a new project manager who will eventually oversee multiple client relationships.

We're currently working with clients in the media, art, education, energy, and grassroots organizing spaces and we’re growing. We use strategic communication, accessible technology, and intuitive design to inspire people to take action and create a brighter future.

Many of our web projects involve open source systems.

Who we’re looking for

You’re a creative leader who likes to collaborate and learn. As a project manager, you’ll lead the client and consulting team from ambiguity to clarity. You’ll uplift a project’s vision and ensure that individual decisions align with that vision.

At times you’ll feel more like project herder or gardener. You’ll work with our designers, developers, researchers, and strategists on a range of client projects. Our creative process is often iterative and requires an attentive manager to serve as a hub of organization.

As a project manager, you will:

  1. Foster a culture of outstanding customer service.
  2. Lead projects throughout the full engagement cycle, including kickoff, discovery, planning, implementation, evaluation, and follow-up.
  3. Facilitate frequent communication between client staff and our staff.
  4. Support the project team in accessing the information it needs. Anticipate, prevent, and remove process roadblocks.
  5. Oversee project schedules and ensure that deadlines are met.
  6. Confirm that our products and process meet quality standards.
  7. Monitor project budgets and guide our team in fulfilling our commitments.
  8. Lead in-person meetings with our Michigan clients, along with remote meetings on some occasions.
  9. Use our project management software to track all of the details.
  10. Refine and experiment with project processes that invite participation, promote fairness, and elicit joy.

An ideal match will answer yes to each of the following:

  1. Are you compulsive about making things better, from tiny details to complex social issues?
  2. Are you excited about solving problems? (Both people challenges and technical ones.)
  3. Do you geek out about process improvements?
  4. Would your co-workers describe you as adaptive and resilient?
  5. Do you want to bring structure to unstructured environments?
  6. Do you honor conflicting opinions while seeking out what’s best for a shared goal?

You must have at least two years experience managing projects along with experience in:

  • Organizations within the public and private sectors (either as a consultant or as a staff member with leadership responsibilities)
  • Communication campaigns that leverage both analog and digital tools

If you have experience with any of the following, we’ll consider it a bonus:

  • Design process
  • Software development
  • Teaching

We expect to grow alongside each other as we help our clients expand their impact. We will offer hands-on training and ongoing mentorship to help you succeed in a new environment.

This position is based in our Detroit office and will initially require 20-30 hours per week, with room to grow. Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Email to apply. Please provide a brief introduction and a resume or CV.