Our Work

A few examples of recent projects:

Foodlab Detroit

Tapping into the wisdom of FoodLab’s network of food entrepreneurs, The Work Department led a series of collaborative labs that informed a measurement tool and set of guiding principles. These tools help FoodLab and its members more effectively talk about their impact while underscoring their commitment to triple-bottom-line business models. They position FoodLab as a model for other cities and organizations striving to build equitable and sustainable communities.

Detroit Creative Corridor Center

In collaboration with diverse Detroit residents, The Work Department is developing a set of principles that will inform the overall vision for the UNESCO Detroit City of Design initiative. Created in our collaborative labs, the principles will unify future partners around common goals and values. Our inclusive engagement process focuses on conversations about the good life and asks residents to imagine how design can improve quality of life for all Detroiters in all neighborhoods.

Dynamic Computer Corporation

Leveraging our ability to understand the unique, nuanced and technical specializations of our clients, The Work Department developed a comprehensive package of sales and marketing tools designed to take Dynamic’s business to the next level. Following the labs where we tapped into the Dynamic team’s expertise, we’re strengthening their brand with sales materials, social media and web content, and various internal operations guides. We continue to work with Dynamic as a nimble strategic partner, able to meet their needs as they arise.