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Mt. Elliott Makerspace is a community workshop in Detroit where people make, tinker and learn together. Through these everyday exchanges, the Makerspace builds meaningful relationships among Detroit makers that grow alongside the global maker movement. In 2013, the organization reached out to us to build a contemporary, responsive website to better document its stories, clarify its overall goals and increase professional visibility.

First, we worked with the Makerspace to help simplify its communication strategy and distill content into a more digestible form. This process framed the website information architecture and allowed us to collaboratively prioritize content. For example, we included four keystone stories to illuminate the Makerspace experience, because these stories proved to be powerful tools in explaining how the Makerspace serves the community. Then, expanding on a basic logo created by a Makerspace intern from the University of Michigan, we extended the brand identity into a bold, fun, and cheerful visual palette. The custom Drupal website is easy for staff members to update and integrates their primary source of documentation, a photo stream from Flickr.

We hope to continue to help Mt. Elliott Makerspace facilitate knowledge, resource, and experience exchanges by making the makerspace model more accessible to communities in Detroit and worldwide.

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"Makerspaces represent the democratization of design, engineering, fabrication and education." (

Services Provided:

  • Communication Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Website Development