First of two mailers in the Kindergarten Enrollment Campaign
First of two mailers to Detroit families with young children

In 2014, Excellent School Detroit embarked on an effort to boost enrollment in early childhood education among Detroit families. Michigan law doesn't require children to attend preschool and kindergarten, though studies show that kids do much better in virtually all aspects of life if they attend school at a young age. We used this research as a foundation for a campaign we co-designed with ESD and a group of Detroit parents.

Through a participatory process, these parents helped create content for two mailers that were delivered to families across the city. These mailers, for families and inspired by families, explained the importance of starting school early and broke the process down into easy steps. By intentionally listening to local families, we grew our understanding and responded to information needs. After significant community investigation, we developed the theme "start early, get ahead."

Download the mailer about preparing for kindergarten.

Second mailer in the Kindergarten Enrollment Campaign
Second mailer to Detroit families
Interior of second mailer in the Kindergarten Enrollment Campaign
Front and back of second mailer in the Kindergarten Enrollment Campaign
Front and back covers


"The evidence is strong that high-quality pre-k can have significant short- and long-term impacts on children and their communities." (

Services Provided:

  • Communication Strategy
  • Research
  • Visual Design
  • Public Relations and Outreach
  • Participatory Design