Coming soon to a browser near you: the Allied365 resources catalog

We're so excited about this project that I had to spend a little time telling you about it (even before it launches)! Later this week, we will launch the Allied365 catalog in collaboration with Allied Media Projects. This new website will allow organizers and activists around the globe to connect with knowledge and resources that are relevant to their work.

Allied365 -- a new piece of AMP's online infrastructure -- will focus on organizations who attend the Allied Media Conference or are otherwise involved with AMP's mission to create media strategies for a more just and creative world. Organizations will be able to create a profile (and edit as necessary) and then post "offerings" to the community. Think of a curated business directory, except created by and for a movement.

Organizations will be able to categorize their offerings, which could include things like trainings, performances, curricula, products and consultation. The catalog will help people build stronger relationships through a thriving media economy -- one that values social justice and collaboration. So much of this relationship-building has been happening for the past 13 years at the Allied Media Conference. Now, participants will be able to keep building their networks year-round through the conference community. This project is a shining example of a movement organization evolving with technology and facilitating national exchange among practitioners, experts and organizers.

After months of work, we'll be revealing this new piece of AMP's infrastructure at the 2012 Allied Media Conference in Detroit. The soft launch this weekend will allow you to try out the site and start offering your expertise to the Allied Media community. Check back here to get a link!


UPDATE on July 2: Check out the live site at