Creating collaborative landscapes: AMC 2012 visual identity

We view the Allied Media Conference as an energetic network of self-contained, radical processes. Each year, these elements combine and remix to generate inspirational and multidimensional landscapes where individuals and communities work toward building more just and creative worlds.

Our approach to the design and development for the ACM 2012 visual identity was deeply inspired by connection, transformation and participatory design. We set out with the goal to create a kinetic “kit of parts” that could be consistently utilized throughout all of the conference communication vehicles — whether a website, sticker, environmental sign or printed program. Through this work, we facilitated a collaborative design process that builds on the conference’s rich visual history and creates a platform for a library of unique visual language and co-design processes.

In October 2012, we began with a series of visioning conversations. With AMP, we created a collaborative inspiration and sifted through many visual prompts via Tumblr. Once we established core themes, we invited Shar McLeod (Austin, TX), Wesley Taylor (Detroit) and Nicole Killian (Minneapolis, MN) as guest designers to co-design the graphic “kit of parts” that reflect the core conference elements: practice spaces, network gatherings and tracks. Each designer, including us at The Work Department, contributed icons which you’ll see throughout the range of conference materials. The collaborative design process spanned over eight months.

[Full set of icons]

[Detail of a few Network Gathering icons]

Next up was the design of the conference “keystone” — a prismic logo that anchors the kinetic identity:

After the core set of graphic symbols were set, we selected a color palette and we were ready to remix and design a range of tools:

[Collaborative color scheme]

[A sample image used throughout social media]

[Templates for AMC organizers]

[Architectural signage / banners]





The icons made their way into the printed program, schedule matrix and website, too!

We hope everyone enjoyed the materials for the conference this year and extend a enormous thank you to Allied Media Projects for inviting us to take on this rewarding challenge. A huge thank you to all of the folks who contributed to the process through conceptualization, design and feedback!

You can purchase various items (like the program, stickers and t-shirts) at the Allied Media Projects Store.