Demystifying online communications for community empowerment

Participants at a DiscoTech event in Detroit.

ArtServe's Creative Impact Michigan magazine recently profiled Nina Bianchi, one of our co-founders and designers:

Nina Bianchi wears many hats, but they all relate back to one thing: making technology accessible and bringing people together.
This is especially seen in her work with the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC), which is made up of a group of organizations that came together under the main belief that communication is a fundamental human right.
Bianchi, a founder of the coalition, says the group focuses on access to technology and community ownership and accessibility.
One tactic to achieve this has been their Discotech events. It has nothing to do with dancing; the name stands for Discovering Technology and is a term coined by the DDJC meant to define a replicable model for a multimedia, mobile neighborhood workshop faire.
“Discotechs are designed so that participants learn more about the impact and possibilities of technology within our communities and take part in interactive, multimedia workshops,” Bianchi said. “These programs are designed to demystify, engage and inform the community around issues such as Internet use and ownership, tools of the trade and communication as a fundamental human right.”

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