Detroit 48202

The Work Department recently partnered with Pam Sporn from Grito Productions and our collaborator Danny DeMaggio.

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Mail Truck Animation
Steward Share-out
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Pam is dedicated to creating work that “puts the lives and histories of everyday people in the foreground and provide entryways for the audience to understand the diversity of human experience.” She spent the last four years working on her film “Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route”. The piece discusses the foreclosure crisis through the lens of a mailman, Wendell, and how the neighborhood changed throughout his 26 years of circling the same postal route. It is an incredibly unique and personal journey of how foreclosure is affecting people in real ways.

The Work Department took on the role of creating assets; a map of Detroit and Wendell’s postal route map that helps to locate viewers in the city, as well as type treatments for the film. Danny brought everything to life by illustrating and animating it all. The result: an inspiring group of collaborators working to create out a compelling and dynamic story.

Steward Share-out

To learn more about Pam’s film read her blog post about “Conversations Along a Postal Route”.