Establishing Principles for Good Food, Good Jobs

Good Food and Good Jobs

Good Food, Good Jobs Co-Lab 1

We’re proud to share how we’re helping local food businesses put their triple-bottom-line values into practice to grow a more equitable city. This past spring we helped FoodLab Detroit push their vision “to cultivate the skills and wisdom to deepen the quality and accelerate the pace of progress toward a future in which good food, good business and good jobs are the norm.” Over the course of three collaborative workshops, we facilitated FoodLab Strategy Council members in co-creating shared definitions of good food and good jobs, developing a set of principles tied to member expectations, as well as creating and testing a self-assessment tool for members.

Steward Share-out
Food Steward Share-out

Learn more about our process and the powerful conversations we had in Co-Lab #1 , Co-Lab #2 , and Co-Lab #3 .

We previously worked with FoodLab to co-create lesson plans offered to budding food entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for updates about our ongoing work together around good environmental stewardship!

Good Food, Good Jobs Co-Lab 2
Self-Assessment Tools