Looking Forward at the Detroit City of Design Summit

The Detroit Design Summit, presented and organized by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3), brings together thinkers and makers in local and global design communities. This year’s Summit was a mix of speakers, activities, facilitated conversations, and exhibitions.

Values for Inclusive Growth Booklet

The Work Department played two roles in the Detroit Design Summit - both related to the future of our City and working towards a shared vision for a sustainable and equitable Detroit.

DC3 Pledge Wall

DC3 hired The Work Department to engage with Detroiters from all walks of life to come up with a set of values to guide the future of design in Detroit. From April to September 2017, we led a collaborative process to develop a set of shared values. Over five months, we facilitated 15 engagements with 500+ people from all walks of life. These values (Diverse Experiences, Collaborative Relationships, and Accessible Opportunities) will guide the Detroit City of Design initiative over the next ten years. At the Design Summit, we revealed the values to participants via a keynote address, a thoughtfully designed booklet, and an interactive wall exhibit. We asked participants to think of actions they can take to uphold the values and tape them to the wall as an informal pledge.

Values for Inclusive Growth Booklet Interior Spread

The second process we are excited to be a part of is our ongoing conversation around the future of mobility with Lear. At the Detroit Design Summit we engaged attendees around the question, “How will Lear move the future?” This is part of a larger series of engagements we designed to collect ideas for Lear’s next 100 years. Each participant voted on a key driver of innovation in mobility: data, energy, and connections. Participants also responded with drawings and written ideas.

Engagement Question