A new home for Grito Productions

I get excited when I have the opportunity to work with creative people who have mastered their craft (and invested years doing so). So, I’ve really enjoyed completing our latest web project. We just launched the new online home of Grito Productions, which makes films that combine personal narratives with archival material to explore historical, political, and cultural themes. The company is the work of Pam Sporn, who has been telling stories through documentary film for over 25 years. She is based in New York City and grew up in Detroit.

Pam came to us in need of a website to showcase her work and a logo to strengthen her identity. Over the years, she has made four documentary films while building her teaching career. She has guided many New York City teenagers through the creative process of telling stories that matter to them. The Student Archive we created allows visitors to watch the products of this work and read materials related to student productions. Each production is tagged to allow for easy sorting.

Our process started with the logo design. Pam chose the Spanish word “grito,” that means “shout” or “cry out,” for the name of her company. We kept this in mind while designing, and eventually settled on a wordmark that relies heavily on the exclamation point to help illustrate the meaning of the word.

For the website we made use of a simple and colorful design that will allow Grito to add more content as its portfolio grows.

We used a color code system that is bright and saturated while contrasting with the grounded, neutral background color. The site’s navigation stays in place in your viewing window while the content scrolls. We chose to overlap some of the content to conceptually illustrate the layered nature of the stories Grito helps to tell. As we developed the visual language for the site in collaboration with Grito, we aimed to:

  • Create a contemporary yet accessible concept that speaks to Grito’s audience: ranging from students to funders to specific communities.
  • Use bright colors that would attract a visitor’s attention and draw them in to dig deeper.
  • Convey that the subjects’ unique stories are at the forefront of this documentary work.
  • Establish an aesthetic that is fresh yet timeless and personal yet professional.

As an independent production company, affordable and accessible distribution is important to Grito. We worked with Pam to ensure that each of her documentary films can easily be rented online or purchased on DVD. She will also use this site to raise money for her forthcoming films Detroit 48202 and A Humble Giant.

We’re glad we had the chance to build this new site and promote socially engaged and interdisciplinary filmmaking. We hope you’ll take a moment to check out the work and support Grito Productions.