People in Education Rebrand

Our team is passionate about working with organizations to grow innovation — especially education models. We’re proud to share our collaborative design to rebrand Detroit Future Schools as People in Education, or PIE!

Connection, curiosity, and reflection are the three pillars of People in Education. Our partners believe education is a tool and it should be flexible. These values fuel their mission to humanize schooling. When designing their new brand system we asked ourselves, “how can we convey these values visually?”

PIE Toolkit
PIE type and color studies
Photo by PIE Logo
PIE Logo

We excel at translating complex concepts into accessible visuals. It’s not always an easy job when it comes to a logo — you have to pack a lot in a small shape. The PIE mark is an anchor with a permeable border which helps tell the story of how People in Education values learning as an open, flexible process.

Inspired by their mission to humanize schooling through facilitating spaces, the bespoke graphics we developed for this brand toolkit are tactile and handmade. Every graphic element was made individually – there is evidence of the hand throughout the toolkit, from scanned pieces of yarn to watercolor blotches.

Photo by Ara Howrani
Scanned in assets
Mix and match toolkit pieces

Accessibility and ease-of-use were two major considerations when creating this toolkit. Because the client is re-developing their own website, print pieces, and other tools, creating simple shapes that could work together in any arrangement was essential. There are three logo sizes, and five colors of shapes to mix and match to create anything from social media templates to personalized business cards!

Book cover
Humanizing Schools Sample Book Cover
biz card
Sample Business Card