Libby Cole

As the team’s director, Libby works closely with our clients to envision project outcomes. She helps craft a strategy that prioritizes people and provides guidance throughout the process. Libby is an empathetic facilitator — she creates a space for people to share openly. Guided by workshop insights, Libby leads the development of smart, iconic visual tools. Libby is committed to maintaining a healthy work environment with democratic processes. Libby joined The Work Department team soon after its founding in 2010 as a designer, became partner in 2014, and is now owner.

Meg Heeres

Meg nurtures connections with people and organizations that share our values to grow our network and identify opportunities to work together. She also manages communication between our clients and our team to fully meet project objectives. As a facilitator, Meg invites participation. She listens carefully, asks thoughtful questions, and balances the loud and quiet voices in the room. She keeps on task, but does not stifle meaningful discussion. Meg joined The Work Department in 2013.

Fatema Boxwala

As a designer, Fatema develops engagement approaches to help realize project goals. She researches and brainstorms ideas to craft workshop activities that are simple, fun and purposeful. Sometimes she co-facilitates conversations, and often she observes and documents engagements. Fatema summarizes learnings and translates them into tools by writing language and providing creative direction. Fatema joined The Work Department in 2014.

Libby Bogner

Libby designs tools to engage people and to help clients communicate with their intended audiences. She develops prototypes with sample graphics, photography, and typography to share, test, and refine style choices. Her choices are informed by project stakeholders and design standards. The digital and print tools Libby creates are accessible and beautiful by design. Libby works collaboratively on almost all projects. Libby joined The Work Department in 2016.

Denise McGeen

Denise collaborates with our clients to identify project goals. She takes a big picture view to design a strategy that will ensure success. Then, she drills down into specific tasks that keep everyone focused. Denise leads client meetings and sometimes co-facilitates workshops. She distills key findings from workshops and uses them to inform the project’s next phases. Denise writes content and helps refine communication tools. Denise joined The Work Department in 2017.


The Work Department grew out of a vision, shared by co-founders Nina Bianchi and Benjamin Chodoroff, for an approach to developing innovative leadership and processes within organizations. Their collaboration began in 2008, and two years later they launched The Work Department. Libby Cole became a partner in 2014. After Nina’s departure in 2017, Libby became the leader of WD, which continues to use organizational design to drive improved performance, collaboration, and desired forms of engagement for our clients.