About Us

We’re a women-led social innovation design firm. We use human-centered and participatory design to reinvent experiences, improve communication, and increase advocacy. We accomplish more by translating complex information into things that everyday people can understand. By co-creating innovative tools and resources, we empower businesses and organizations to more effectively carry out their missions and realize greater impact.

Together, we're building stronger communities with better design.

Since 2008, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and strengthen over 40 local and national, public and private entities. Our design operation has grown out of a deep commitment to solving challenges in smart, creative, and deliberate ways through comprehensive design solutions and participatory processes. To learn more about our services and review our comprehensive client list, please see Our Work.

Our core team is based in Detroit, Michigan.

Our Team

Libby Cole

Libby Cole, Partner

Libby is a multi-disciplinary designer whose work prioritizes people, their access to information, and the translation of complex ideas. She is also the founder and owner of I Miss You Already, a handcrafted line of screen-printed goods sold online and in boutiques across the US and Canada. Libby’s work with clients both big and small along with her past experience in teaching, illustration, and traditional media makes for smart, iconic visuals.

Nina Bianchi

Nina Bianchi, Partner

Nina focuses on identifying opportunities, cultivating relationships, and building partnerships both locally and internationally. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3), an economic development organization. She’s also the co-founder of OmniCorpDetroit and Detroit Digital Justice Coalition as well as an alumna of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy Leadership Advancement Program. Drawn to complex systems, she is dedicated to unlocking more ways that people can learn, grow, and shape the future together.

Meg Heeres

Meg Heeres, Project Manager

Meg works collaboratively to maintain communication between our clients, designers, and developers to help realize the full potential of projects and organizations. Her own studio art practice is also collaborative, as she engages with the audience through interactive artworks and experiential pieces that she has exhibited throughout the United States and beyond. Meg is passionate about facilitating spaces where people can uncover and develop their creative process.

Fatema Boxwala

Fatema Boxwala, Designer

Fatema designs processes and products that are informed by project stakeholders and her desire to create solutions that transcend aesthetics. She especially enjoys creating and facilitating experiences that authentically engage people in decision-making. Fatema is a lifelong student, always seeking opportunities to expand her analytical and creative skills.

Bianca Ibarlucea

Bianca Ibarlucea, Designer

Bianca is a designer whose work emphasizes long-lasting and purposeful solutions through sustainable relationships within communities. She believes design is a vehicle for social change, and is interested in making information more accessible through good, collaborative design. Recently, Bianca has worked on engaging communities in need of basic street lighting and projects that preserve local cultural histories.

Carlie Quezada

Carlie Quezada, Project Manager

Carlie is a seasoned producer informed by her background in art history, museum work, and automotive advertising. She activates her design thinking (and doing) in each of her projects as she studies the goals, examines the context surrounding the creative endeavor, and considers the longterm social significance. She maintains an efficient and collaborative process while organizing important information into it’s clearest and most easily understood form.

Fatema Boxwala

Meghan Sweet, Web Developer

Meghan is a web developer and works together with our clients to plan, build, and maintain long-term and flexible solutions. She is also a co-organizer of the annual BADCamp conference, the world’s largest free Drupal event. Meghan believes in open-source web development and the impact quality software and good technology has on growing capacity within an organization or business.

Eva Zielinski

Eva Zielinski, Designer

Eva is a designer who works to make accessible design with a purpose. She enjoys creating design that can be used as a tool for change, to benefit a community, or to tell a story. In her own work she enjoys collaboration and the exchange of ideas, turning visions into a shared reality.

We believe in partnerships and often collaborate with a network of designers and developers. In recent years, we have worked with:

  • Michael Gregor
  • Nicole de Beaufort
  • Benjamin Chodoroff
  • Kat Hartman
  • Geoff Hing
  • Nicole Killian
  • Una Lee
  • Shar McLeod
  • Adam Magaluk
  • James McMullen
  • Toni Moceri
  • Nate Mullen
  • Kikko Paradela
  • Doug Reith
  • Wesley Taylor